Cynthia Lynn


Cynthia LynnI love being a romance writer. I knew I was in for it when I would sit at the keyboard and let my fingers fly, my characters standing behind me and telling me exactly how each scene should be written. Scary at first until I finally said fine, and let it flow. Transplanted from Southern California to calling Cypress, Texas, home, I share it with my husband, plus a Great Dane and a mix rescue dog.

When not writing, I have been a Labor and Delivery RN and have used that to my advantage in travelling the United States before settling in Texas. In fact, that is how I met my own true Knight. Some ask why the title Lady Cynthia, and it is my own romance story. As I perused books in a bookstore, I met someone who decided to jump in and say “Lunch?” Little did I know that he was indeed knighted and a European gentleman. Now married to that man, I continue to explore the world of romance with him.