Cynthia Lynn


“The Gift of her”, historical erotica

The Duke of Belworth, Lyon Etherton, is weary of finding the companion to explore the subtly hidden side of passion. That is, until stepping into a private moment with a curious widow, Marissa Langston. They agree on a week of exploration and curiosities to be satisfied but what neither expected was finding it hard to leave the other.

The Duke, certain she would agree to a luxurious role of mistress to continue the exotic education of sexual and sensual satisfaction is stunned to find her not willing to go further. Meanwhile, Marissa mistakenly assumes a marriage is offered and realizing her blunder knows she can never go beyond this week as his partner in passion,

Can both find what is before them or will Lyon let her go?

"The Gift of Her" is live in the Kindle Store and is available for readers to purchase here.

“Castles in the Stars”

A new world has been discovered and only a select group are being sent to turn this world into theirs. A group of highly trained warriors, battle hardened and ready for whatever is thrust upon them are promised one reward. A wife, pure of heart and flesh.

Garrin Lanceton leads this next group to transform this new world and is thrown together with Arissa Stelling, determined to avoid falling in love with a warrior. She does everything she can think of to keep him out of her heart, and only until he discovers her treachery does she realize her love for him.

Is it enough to save him when others choose to betray him?

"Castles in the Stars" is live in the Kindle Store and is available for readers to purchase here.

“Renegades Heart”

Darthos Ell is a former Guardsmen turned Renegade, a mercenary that does anything for a price and keeps his heart closed against such emotions as love or sentiment. He’s learned the hard way nothing is sacred when it comes to his way of life, all choices removed from him. That is until he meets Chantile Kilmer, a healer and niece of the Emperor he once worked for. Neither wants to relive that past yet Darthos realizes his presence has placed her in danger once again. With no other choice but to find a new haven for her even as she continues to thwart his attempts of rescue.

Chantile soon learns Darthos carries more than the stigma of a Renegade, he hides a gentleness and she as a healer can’t help but wonder if perhaps she can make this dangerous man find his true worth.

Will Darthos let her heal him? Or will Chantile realize he is beyond redemption?

"Renegade's Heart" is live in the Kindle Store and is available* for readers to purchase here.

Pending Publication:

“Summer’s Enchantment” Paranormal

Summer Warner is sent to a quaint town in the middle of Kansas for her grandfather and decipher an ancient manuscript. Nothing too complicated in her mind, an easy task. That is until she meets Drew Prentice, and nothing is simple or easy.

Drew is a Master Warlock and realizes that she is the key to the battle of good versus evil. His task is to keep the darkness from finding her and his best solution is to send her back to California.

Only Summer is not going anywhere until she discovers the secrets surrounding her. Will Drew be able to save her from those intent on causing her harm? Or will she join him in the battle against evil?