Cynthia Lynn

Welcome to my website.

I’m a writer of historical to futuristic romance. Although I don’t limit myself to one genre, every story I write includes unlikely people falling in love and a dark, twisting undercurrent of danger. My hope is to draw you into my imaginary world of people who are very real to me. I write about strong heroines with offbeat senses of humor who are attracted to even stronger men who learn to appreciate the heroine’s intelligence and fast-track banter. I strive for surprising and satisfying endings that provoke thought and leave you with an inner glow.

I will continue to improve my craft as I endeavor to learn more about you, my reader, so I can write stories that resonate with your heart. It is my goal to sweep you away on the magic carpet of my imagination. Thank you for visiting my site and reading my books.

Cynthia Lynn

News for 2015

I am currently cleaning up the Guardsman Series for Kindle. The first, 'Castles in the Stars' is out. This is a tale long waiting to be enjoyed by readers and having won a 'best new breakout writer' with this book, I wanted to share it.

Castles is the first of many Guardsmen novels. Each man has a story, each has a need to prove themselves worthy of such a title and a maiden to love. There is a little bit of Knighthood in all of them, just way into the future. The nice thing is, Knights never fade away, just get called something else... Guardsmen.

Enjoy this series as the next one is coming soon.

My next big project is a series of historical stories taking place in and around Swedish Castles and Manors.